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More than a century ago, Horton Plaza served as the center for many of San Diego's most important events from celebrations and festivities to civic meetings.

Now, however, the storied park is a blot on the landscape framed by a nearly empty storefront that is a magnet for downtown's homeless population. The park's historic fountain remains walled off behind a chain-link fence.

But that's about to change.

Work is underway to transform and expand the park into a world-class urban plaza similar to Union Square in San Francisco, Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland and Bryant Park in New York City.

The upcoming transformation is the result of a unique partnership between CivicSD, working on behalf of the City of San Diego, and Westfield, owners of the adjacent Westfield Horton Plaza retail center. The two parties have worked diligently to prepare plans to revitalize Horton Plaza Park and construct a gathering place that all San Diegans and its visitors can enjoy.

To make way for the new plaza, the former Robinsons-May building located at Fourth and Broadway has been torn down, providing more public space and a better view of the newly renovated historic Balboa Theatre. In addition, the historic Horton Plaza Park and its iconic fountain will be refurbished, according to Secretary of the Interior Standards, to their former glory.

As part of the plan, the City of San Diego would regain ownership of the valuable swatch of downtown land and Westfield would be responsible for maintaining the plaza for 25 years, ensuring the park won't be a drain on the city's budget in coming years. Westfield will also bring more than 200 events a year to the space, including farmers markets, outdoor movies, concerts, art shows, community celebrations and more. Those types of events aren't just about entertainment. It's about turning the dormant area once again into a lively cultural center for the region. 

Horton Plaza Presentation - CCDC Board of Directors - 9.28.11 (6.4MB)
Horton Plaza Presentation - CCAC - 9.21.11 (2.4MB)
Horton Plaza Presentation - CCDC Real Estate and Budget/Finance and Administration Joint Committee - 9.14.11 (20MB)
Horton Plaza Presentation - CCDC Board of Directors - 7.27.11 (5MB)
pdf-icon-smallHorton Plaza Presentation - Open House #3 - 7.26.11 (5MB)
pdf-icon-smallHorton Plaza Presentation - CCDC Board of Directors - 6.22.11 (9MB)
pdf-icon-smallHorton Plaza Presentation - Open House #2 - 6.21.11  (16MB)
pdf-icon-smallHorton Plaza Presentation Key Images- Open House #2- 6.21.11  (3MB)
pdf-icon-smallHorton Plaza Presentation - Open House #1 - 4.21.11 (16MB)


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